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January has passed, February is soon coming to an end. Time to refocus and action your dreams of becoming self-published.

We often feel we have a book inside us, whether its fiction, non-fiction or a rather complementary auto-biography. But the practicality of such creative liberation has held us back. The stress of finding an agent, funding or seeking the approval of a reputable publishing house, may be ‘so last year’. ‘Why?’ She yelled! The internet, of course. The age of eBooks and kindles has enabled anyone to become an author. With access to an international audience and all from the comfort of their homes.

The self-published author, Tracy Bloom started her journey to becoming No.1 in the eBook romance category, within three months of launching. It helped her venomously that she enrolled on to a writing and editing course. Having been turned down by British publishers for her first book, she took matters into her own hands. With a background in marketing, she knew she had to sell herself effectively, in order to secure a substantial readership. “I realised that my best chance lay in eBooks and spent three months analysing the mechanisms of how to make a book successful on Amazon. It is your shop window so it’s vital how your book looks in the thumbnail photo, how catchy the title is and how it’s categorised, described and priced. The key is to grab attention instantly”, says Bloom. Following the success of her first book, she launched her second eBook within a couple of months, becoming the second Amazon bestseller within a month, selling 150,000 copies.

Tips from Blooms self-publishing success story:

  • Connect with the readers. Through your website, social media platforms, Amazon author pages, blogs and email lists.
  • Promote your book. Nothing wrong with a little self-promotion, paid or unpaid. Bloom used influential bloggers with high number of followers to promote her book.
  • Write your best book. Enrolling on a writing and editing course, equipped Bloom in producing a hit novel. There is a world of badly-written and poorly edited self-published content out there, fuelled by the temptation to get something out. Don’t join them. It will allow you to produce high quality books, that look and sound professional.

If you have a passion for writing, or want to perfect your masterpiece, the London School of Publishing’s certified courses can help you achieve your objectives. Here’s a few to start you on your journey:

-    Copy Editing –                     1 day

-    Book Editing –                     10 weeks

-    Self-Publishing -                 1 day

-    Sub Editing -                       5 weeks

Prina Anand, 2018