Brand Yourself and Your Content Will Stand Out

Brand Yourself and Your Content Will Stand Out

It can be daunting to think about how the bloggers, vloggers, YouTubers, Instagramers, Tumblrers, Tweeters, Viners, Snapchatters and other ‘ers’ are grabbing the attention of your younger audience.

Many of these famous youngster’s give quite genuine advice to those that want to get into the business that they are in and that advice is usually, ‘only do X if you are passionate and you love doing it. Don’t do it for the money.’

This is a great way of advertising your content if you are an extroverted, digital mastermind with a certain flair for current trends, however–and this is the tricky part– what do you do when you’re not?

These people have great personal branding because they’re genuine about what they do and it shows; they are the brand. In regards to social media and choosing which platform is right for your readers, personal branding needs to be developed and energy put behind it.

When you begin writing your book, blog, article or whichever written content, remember that your written voice should not be sitting still in the content you want published. If you want people to read your content, you need to maximise how people read it.

How will people read it? Why will people read it? Will they read it because the title is captivating or because the author is?

Authors that have a large online presence include: Neil Gaiman, JK Rowling, Ian Rankin, Paulo Coehlo, Jackie Collins, Margaret Atwood, Stephen Fry, Salman Rushdie, and George RR Martin.

Our advice? Make yourself visible, be engaging and be the reason people read your content because Visibility is King. There are several options for how to share your content, whether it is via blogs, author platforms or on writer forums. There are also a multitude of ways to connect with your audience.





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